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Discover deep travel experiences through music

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Travel and Jam...

Our goal is to inspire musicians and music lovers to deepen their travel experience by participating in open-mic and jam sessions with locals while exploring the world. 

Learn more about the world and yourself. Visit places where you can meet locals and make friends using music as your common language.

During these times we know that performance activities are limited but you can still learn more about this kind of magical adventure and plan for the future.

Here's the story

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HB Buckner

Music is like a second language when traveling and can be much more powerful than words.

It really helped me arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend


Amy in the sky

This website is AWESOME....makes me want to sing!  I love that you do the traveling for those of us who  have restricted mobility

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Edward Lawrence

People look at you and they don’t know who you are, but when you play you become attractive… It’s an amazing feeling

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