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About Us

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HB Buckner  Founder


“HB” is the founder of TripJams. His relevant background includes music and international travel,

Woodstock Music Festival, video with Salvador Dali, sound for NPR documentary: The Troubadours, Pianist at King David Hotel in Jerusalem, ESL certificate from Cambridge University, ESL teacher in Hanoi, overland trek from Istanbul to Katmandu, founding class of University Without Walls at UMass, Education Director at Theater Art Program in Mattapoisett, keyboardist Random Sample - opening band for John Sebastian and the Loving Spoonful concert. My wife calls me a travelholic.

Long Train Ride

Our Mission

I’ve had amazing experiences traveling and many of my friends rely on me for insights and planning to faraway places and making friends through music. I pinch myself when I’m away because the costs have been low and the travel experiences incredible. I hope to inspire you.

Travel Hints

Here are some things I learned from my experiences that might help you also:

Use hotel pickup service (usually very affordable)

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