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Our generous contributors:


Betsy Drinan

Marcia Black

Cathy and Charlie Horvitz

Felipe Quezada Escalona

Viv and Ken Dolkart

Shane Mackey

Jeanne O’Connell

Ed Buckner


Coach Chelsea

Michelle Gold Johnson

Ernest Urvater

Cam Tu Avalar

Trudy Williams

Ed Bryant Jr.

Stan Robinson

Sheryl Rich-Kern

Hope and Noah Alper

Izzy Buckner

Sarah and Terry Stroud

Petter Massa

Stan Shore

Jina Cho

Alice Buckner


Edward Schreiber

Richard Sleeper

Kate Noor

Naomi Angoff Chedd


Melinda Ewen

A special thanks to Andrew Hart, Creative producer at Hampshire College for video editing; Noah Alper (Noah's Bagels) Entrepreneur for advice and perspective, and to the many friends, old and new, who have encouraged and advised me up to this point including Andrew Abrams, Cam Tu Pham Avelar, Julian Lustig Gonzales, Gustaff Besengu, Alice Buckner, Ed Buckner, Jeff Dabbs, Shinji Masuda, Tim Ney, Hiroki Sakaguchi, Kim Ngan, Qingyi Zheng, and all the kind people I met during my travels.

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